Pantone Unveils Mobile Color App for Designers

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Pantone Studio Color App

Pantone Studio is a mobile app that gives designers a comprehensive color tool at their fingertips.

Keeping itself ever-relevant, Pantone has released a mobile app that gives designers a seamless way to capture colors from a variety of sources and match them up to the company’s famous color swatches. Pantone Studio, a collaboration with the L.A. based design practice, Rokkan, gives creatives a comprehensive mobile color tool at their disposal, thanks to an application that convert’s images captured via a device’s camera into color values that reside alongside Pantone’s own RGB, HEX and CMYK numbered hues.

According to Rokkan, the impetus for this new app was Pantone’s desire to expand its identity beyond that of a venerable color provider to that of a state of the art software company that can now serve up its full range of products on digital platforms and devices.  To that end, “Pantone Studio is all about color. Selecting libraries, exploring swatches, building and sharing palettes from fan-decks and images alike.” In plain language, Pantone Studio allows designers to view images captured on their devices—whether found or self-initiated—through the lens of color, allowing them to build their own library of hues in tandem with Pantone’s, test them on personal digital projects, and share them via social media. Compatibility with Adobe Creative Cloud means designers can export these custom color libraries across all working platforms, including desktop.

Though Pantone Studio can be downloaded for free, designers seeking something beyond a basic version of the app will have to spring for a monthly subscription of $7.99 or an annual up-front subscription of $59.99 ($4.99 per month).

Color App by Pantone

The new Pantone color app converts digitally captured images into color values that can reside alongside Pantone’s library of colors.


Via Rokkan, Pantone

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