New Arrivals: Sustainable Scraplight Collection by Graypants

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Graypants Scraplight series

The Scraplight collection of modern lamps is hand assembled from strips of corrugated cardboard.

We’re delighted to welcome Graypants to our brand family, and the company’s flagship Scraplight collection of modern pendant lamps to our lighting offerings. Graypants is a Seattle-based design practice, founded in 2007, that has taken the concept of ‘upcycling’ to ravishing heights, thanks to a range of contemporary lamps made entirely of repurposed corrugated cardboard. Adhering to a motto of ‘responsible design, responsible materials, responsible production,’ Graypants conceived of an ingenious method of laser cutting strips of scrap corrugated cardboard, and then hand-assembling them into modern lamps so sumptuous and decorative as to wholly belie their humble origins.

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Graypants Scraplights collection

Decorative and sustainable, the original Scraplights by Graypants are especially striking in multiples.

Elegant and vaguely exotic, Scraplights cast an ethereal glow that lends itself equally well to residential and hospitality contexts, while presenting clean modern profiles that unfailingly beguile, whether installed in groupings or as single pendant lights. Building on the success of the original Scraplights, Graypants has extended the range to the Scraplight white series , in which the rustic hues of natural cardboard have been replaced with custom-made pure white corrugated cardboard, the original series’ moody glow traded in for a brighter brand of illumination, ideally suited for the contemporary environment.

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Scraplights by Graypants

Scraplights white is a series of modern lamps crafted from custom made white corrugated cardboard.

Graypants expanded its offices to Amsterdam in 2012, partnering with social outreach programs that provide craft-based careers to the local community. The Scraplight white series, which mirrors the entire range of original Scraplights, is hand-assembled in Amsterdam via these social outreach partnerships, leveraging the beauty of custom made corrugated cardboard (fashioned from FSC-certified paper), and offering up a light and airy visual counterpoint to the weightier elegance of the original Scraplight series.

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White Scraplights by Graypants

Scraplight white pendants are hand assembled in Amsterdam via social outreach programs that promote craft-based careers.

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  1. Vitaliy

    Aug 24, 2016 at 2:09 pm

    Do these also come in black?

    • Promila Shastri

      Aug 29, 2016 at 12:03 pm

      Unfortunately, no. The color choices are as shown—white or natural.

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