An Invisible Kitchen by Dutch Architects i29

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kitchen_i29_04-1920x1080-1To the legions of cooks who’ve wished to render an unsightly kitchen instantly invisible, Dutch interior architectural firm, i29, has an ingenious solution of eye-popping proportions. The concept of closing off the kitchen to the rest of the house has been taken several steps further with the design of a kitchen that disappears so seamlessly and elegantly as to virtually defy logic. The key lies in a suite of wall panels which exactingly replicate the detailed molding that defines a stately apartment in Paris, behind which reside the appliances and cooking surfaces. The exquisitely crafted panels, when closed, morph the kitchen into a bastion of minimalism while effortlessly preserving its intrinsic visual grandeur—ensuring that only the freestanding center island now remains visible through the room’s arched glass doors. Talk about an impressive disappearing act!kitchen_i29_07-1920x1080kitchen_i29_02-1920x1080kitchen_i29_01-1920x1080kitchen_i29_05-1920x1080kitchen_i29_04-1920x1080kitchen_i29_06-1920x1080kitchen_i29_08-1920x1080kitchen_i29_02-1920x1080Images: 129 Interior Architects

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  1. nat

    Jun 21, 2014 at 9:16 am

    did they just airbrush out the bottom of the sink? it doesn’t look like there’s anything under it.

    i think this would work for some, but i’d prefer to have more useful and present kitchen presence than this.

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