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“Wood is in our DNA,” says Spanish lighting company LZF. So, too, it seems, is artful communication. Known for their technologically innovative and visually expressive use of wood, LZF has just launched the second of two impressive communication campaigns which leverage original music, video, and print graphics to support their lighting models and concepts.

Stereovision is an extension of the company’s 2013 High Fidelity campaign (below), in which new lighting designs were introduced via a sophisticated suite of materials—jazz-inflected music compilation, motion graphics video, range of Mid-Century-invoking CD coversall of which gave expression to the clean geometry and graceful forms of the company’s distinctive line of products. Buoyed after High Fidelity walked away with a Red Dot Award for branding last year, LZF sees Stereovision, another music and graphics endeavor, as “a natural evolution from High Fidelity…we are keen to continue our dialogue from that inaugural moment of modern living embodied by the culture of the 50’s.”

Accompanied by a new remix of original compositions by L.A. musician Rithma (Etienne Stehelin), and fresh CD cover art, the Stereovision campaign focuses on new versions of lamps featured in High Fidelity, while introducing novel installation concepts and brand new 2014 designs. Stereovision will debut at the Light+Building trade fair in Frankfurt this week.lzf-wood-lamps-high-fidelity-1

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