Outside Rotterdam, a Möbius Strip Staircase

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The-Elastic-Perspective-by-NEXT-Architects-_dezeen_ss_5Every city suburb should be so lucky as Carnisselande, the Rotterdam suburb for which NEXT Architects have built a mammoth piece of public art that also serves as lookout point. Situated on a hill, the giant Corten steel staircase, from which Carnisselande visitors are offered an unobstructed view of the Rotterdam city skyline, appears to be a continuous form, providing a walking route along the full loopan appearance that is, in fact, an illusion. “Based on the principal of the Möbius strip, the continuous route of the stair is a delusion – upside becomes underside becomes upside. The suggestion of a continuous route is therefore, in the end, an impossibility.” Carnisselande residents, we suspect, aren’t quibbling much about this bit of visual trickery. The-Elastic-Perspective-by-NEXT-Architects-_dezeen_ss_6The-Elastic-Perspective-by-NEXT-Architects-_dezeen_ss_4The-Elastic-Perspective-by-NEXT-Architects-_dezeen_ss_3-1The-Elastic-Perspective-by-NEXT-Architects-_dezeen_ss_7The-Elastic-Perspective-by-NEXT-Architects-_dezeen_ss_8The-Elastic-Perspective-by-NEXT-Architects-_dezeen_ss_3The-Elastic-Perspective-by-NEXT-Architects-_dezeen_ss_1

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