Mikkel Frost’s Architectural “Toons”

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662d217d4eDanish architect Mikkel Frost doesn’t believe in resting on his laurels. In the aftermath of a completed project, Frost, who heads the architectural firm CEBRA, has created a post-project ritual which itself has turned into a project. “Sometimes when we’ve finished a project I sit down and draw a cartoonish concept drawing with watercolors. It is sort of a visual summary that describes the idea of the whole project in just one small piece of paper. They service as reminders of what the project is all about.” Frost calls these colorful, near mystical compositions Toons, but we’re more likely to call them just plain dazzling.8a14e9a93f063_CEBRA_toons053_CEBRA_toonsea57160d91

062_CEBRA_toonsImages: Cebratoons

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