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ALL-DOCK: One Stop Docking Station

Categories: Modern Decor + Objects

iB2ULZMXQ8Qn_XE3_fg6M9FwuAFKsu99UdbjXh4_1m4We shouldn’t be all that surprised that ALL-DOCK, a Kickstarter project from Berkley’s Dittrich California Inc., has already reached its funding goalthis “fastest docking station in the world” was a winning idea from the start, and for a few other notable things besides its alluring speed. For anyone weary of rummaging through a tangle of USB cables and seeking out electrical outlets and available surface areas, a one-stop charging station capable of charging 6 devices simultaneously is unmitigated digital Nirvana. Add to that its Apple-conscious good looks, 3 comely finishes, and 3 size options, and it’s little wonder ALL-DOCK has its supporters, us included, all charged up.


Images: ALL-DOCK

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