Terracotta Remade As Pots of Gold

Modern Decor

Outdoor gardens may no longer be an option, but indoor gardening can still have its pleasures. Swedish designer Monica Förster has collaborated with venerable metals manufacturer Skultuna (founded in 1607) on a line of brass Flower Pots that bring a shine to the colder indoor growing season. By employing metal spinning, an old technique utilizing sheet metal, Skultana has created a brass version of the common terracotta pot, with an option of either matte or shiny finish. Who wouldn’t mind having a pot or two of this gold?

Images: Artilleriet, Monica Förster

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  1. Shari Henning Garland

    Sep 18, 2013 at 9:11 am

    So classy, and beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

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