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A Brooklyn Renovation Strikes Gold

Categories: Architecture + Interiors

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There’s so much to admire about this townhouse renovation by Brooklyn design firm Workstead, it’s hard to know where to begin. We could start with the abundance of wood, dark and rich, comprising the floors, gracing the counter tops, lacing the classic furniture. We could talk about the novel touches, like bespoke industrial light fixtures, locally crafted by Workstead, and the breathtaking slab of walnut hugging the kitchen island.

Admirable is the seamless integration of traditional and contemporary—vintage finds juxtaposed with custom creations. And then, there’s gold: door handle, kitchen faucet, range hood, chandelier fittings, all dazzling us, not with silvery chrome and steel, but gleaming, lustrous brass; warm, golden, luxurious and glamorous, yet looking thoroughly contemporary. So much for chilly, formulaic modernism.

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Images: Dwell

5 Comments to "A Brooklyn Renovation Strikes Gold"

  1. Love the wood, gold, and white. It’s so warm and inviting, while elegant. Brava!

  2. Beautiful, the only thing I don’t understand is all the hanging wires on the light fixtures, was this done on purpose?

  3. Such a pretty color combination. I am just a little bothered with the exposed wires hanging on the lamp. Wish it was designed in such a way that the wires don’t show.

  4. This photo just stopped me in my tracks. Gorgeous color combination, a real treat for the eyes.

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