Botanical Illustrations by Lisa Hedge

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Designer and illustrator Lisa Hedge has applied her talent for photo illustrations to a suite of wedding-related printed and digital media, and we must say she’s done it to impressive effect. Her botanically-inspired, beautifully balanced compositions, whether presented as website icon or stand-alone printed piece, manage to be highly original art while also expressing the kind of traditional elegance befitting a wedding. And which prospective bride or groom wouldn’t fall for that?

Hedge_Invite_S-S_1000IMG_3930_B_1000LisaHedge_J-M_01_1000LisaHedge_J-M_02_1000LisaHedge_Card_09_1000LisaHedge_Card_07_1000Lisa HedgeLisaHedge_J-M_04_1000

Images: Lisa Hedge

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