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benchALL03The interplay of perception and reality plays a potent role in the work of Belgian designer Stijn Guilielmus Ruys. “Too often we still associate a ‘chair’ with four legs, a seat, and a back. I want to break with the obvious and create a formal language in which the focus is on visual tension.” The kind of tension created by the two-legged 010 Outdoor Table+Bench, for instance.

The latest creation by Ruys, whose affinity for seemingly off-balance (but, in fact, perfectly balanced) furniture is something of a trademark, the 010 Outdoor Table+Bench, currently on view at Belgium’s Galerie Transit, has a quirky elegance, despite its gravity-defying profile. “From one angle, an object can seem perfectly stable, while from another it gives the impression that it could fall over at any moment or is able to move. Nothing is what it seems.”

True enough, and maybe that’s precisely what we like about 010.

Images: Guilielmus

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