DIY Modern PlayHive for Kids

DIY + How To

The PlayHive is a backyard play structure that just about anyone can make for their kids pretty quickly, to get to the squeals of joy coming from them quicker. All you need is some basic carpentry skills, some 2x4s, screws and common tools (like a chop-saw, a sander and a cordless drill).

“It’s an intimate space for sharing secrets on the inside and a climbing frame for testing agility on the outside. We initially designed the structure for a 2010 Bastrop wildfire benefit, hosted by Breed & Co. The PlayHive was displayed in the Breed & Co parking lot, along with play structures by Burton Baldridge and Pollen Architecture, and tested enthusiastically by Austin’s under-10 crowd. It was later auctioned off to raise funds for wildfire relief.” Download the DIY plans here.

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