Jan Heaton’s Geometric, Organic Watercolors

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What do geometric shapes and organic lines look like when mixed with the medium of watercolor? Much like the dramatic yet earthy art of Jan Heaton. Not very complicated and not with a lot of depth, these watercolor pieces have a very ethereal, dainty, dreamy feel to them. The artist’s statement:

“The concept began with an early morning discovery of tiny moving creatures near the water’s edge. I was intrigued that they were all separate, yet united, creating one moving, fluid configuration. Their forms mirrored the colors of the water, the atmosphere, their environment, and were constantly changing. I began work on a series that focused on color, form, and line replicating patterns of movement. The rhythm is created with quiet translucent veils of color that is contemplative and regenerative. In the end my vision is to create a permanent visual space that influences our sense of well-being.” More on the artist’s website.

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