Restaurant Höst Kopenhagen in Denmark

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Boy if you ever needed proof that lighting can make or break a space, you need only look at the newly revealed Restaurant Höst Kopenhagen in Denmark, that sports an exciting array of lighting options from that Amsterdam-based vintage industrial lighting store resource we’ve posted about before, 360Volt.

As you can see, a warm, woodsy, natural-feeling space is literally given a jolt of excitement by the repetitive use of striking light fixtures in all black. Large, hanging, heaving, and industrial, they don’t take away from the rest of the space, they add to it. And though they are dark and bring in drama and interest, they don’t make the space seem over done. We spotted this project on 360Volt’s Facebook page.

What do you think about the way these strong light fixtures were used in this woodsy modern space?

Images: 360Volt’s Facebook page
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