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Hot or Not: Upholstered Stumps?

Categories: Modern Decor + Objects

Spotted this image on Pinterest this morning, and all we can say is…whoa. Adding woodsy, rough and natural-looking logs and wood stumps to interiors is no new idea, and they often add a punch of nature to cold and stark modern rooms all the time. And while folks sometimes add a little DIY flare to these stumps, maybe some paint or something, we were just stopped in our tracks by the idea of covering the tops with textile and then tacking it down. A good idea? A bad idea? Could be a good idea but not implemented very good here? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

10 Comments to "Hot or Not: Upholstered Stumps?"

  1. I’m voting “Not” on this one. The idea’s not bad but it takes away the natural beauty of the wood…plus it looks a little too DIY!

  2. I thing those look great! Like a log covered with snow. I like it!

  3. I think this is a good idea in concept but the execution is a little lacking. Just some ideas but I would have gone with a nice patterned birch (wider than these since they look a little topple-happy), sawed off a 3/4″ slab from the top, upholstered that slab with some faux leather tucked under (those tacks just aren’t doing it for me) and put a swivel between the pad and the stump.

  4. I think “no” to this version. Though I’ve seen stumps (and various other wooden furniture) covered with knobby knitted covers, and that’s charming!

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