Modern Geo Embroidery Hoop Cork board

DIY + How To

Yes! Love this simple yet perky DIY project that won’t take a lot of money, materials or time to complete! Spotted on Paint Me Plaid, these cute little painted cork boards in embroidery hoops are functional, and would be an easy way to organize and cut down on clutter in a home office area, especially if that home office area shared another room’s space.

And you know we love DIY projects that allow for a huge degree of customization: you could choose any embroidery hoop size and paint it anyway that you want! Of course we can’t help but notice the paint transformation they chose reminds us very much of some similarly colored clocks we posted about earlier this week: David Weatherhead & GOODD’s Primary Clock. Find more photos and instructions on how to make your own embroidery hoop cork board projects at Paint Me Plaid.

What do you think about this project? You gonna try it? Let us know!

Images: Paint Me Plaid
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