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This is what this post isn’t: a full set of instructions (or even link to a post with a full set of instructions) for a project. This is a spark. This is a kernel…a nugget to an idea that we hope will spark an even better idea for you, so that you may continue to create a wonderfully unique home. We spotted this photo on Pinterest of a metallic gold stenciled headboard, and here’s why we love it:

We love the idea of just using some reclaimed wood to create a headboard, and then using a stencil to add a subtle pattern. The gold here is a brilliant choice because it’s something with a little shimmer that will definitely add some sparkle to the space, but is similar to the tone of the wood, so it doesn’t look too “country.” You could control what stencil you used; why not something modern and geometric?

What ideas does this spark for you? Any?!

Image: Pinterest

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