Origami Birds by Mostaza Diseño Amarillo

Modern Decor

Origami Birds are friendly creatures designed by Mostaza Diseño Amarillo (which translates into Mustard Yellow Design), a design studio committed to reframe the aesthetics of the everyday objects around us.  Their polyurethane birds can be used to decorate a wall or window, guard your fridge or guide your guests along a hallway. They may even be hung around a light bulb to create very interesting shadows in a room.

Mostaza Diseño Amarillo has noticed life can become bland very easily and proposes a more “expressive, dynamic, brilliant lifestyle” spiced with their yellowness. I love their Origami Birds because they remind me of they joy and pride learning to fold paper to create familiar objects gave me as a child. The next friend who gives birth is getting a model built with these birds for her newborn’s crib!

Origami Birds will be available for purchase in the near future at Mostaza Diseño Amarillo’s website.

Images: Aranza Embriz.
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  3. barbara knox

    Jul 26, 2016 at 2:06 pm

    Are these still available? Price? Waterproof? need for wedding. thanks b knox

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