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John Meng’s Fantastic Wine Bottle Lamps

Categories: Modern Decor + Objects

It’s nothing new to make stuff with recycled wine bottles. People have come up with the idea long ago of cutting wine bottles and giving them a new life. Lamps made from cut bottles, too, have been in sight for years.

Now China based designer John Meng picked up the bottle and filled it with ‘new wine’. He has come up with a series of lamps made with upcycled wine bottles. While performing the basic function as lamps, the lamps carry the appeal of contemporary sculpture, and can serve as great decorations for different living or public environment.

The lamps will be in studio production run. The whole bottle lamp series can be seen on Pinterest.

John Meng is a self-taught designer who has won international design awards. More information on the designer can be found on his website.

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3 Comments to "John Meng’s Fantastic Wine Bottle Lamps"

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