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Schlaudhaus Interior is Schadenfreude

Categories: Architecture + Interiors

We love when a simple idea can have a huge impact on an interior space, as illustrated today by the Schlaudhaus designed by Webber + Studio Architects in Austin, Texas. What simple idea, you ask?

Why the sexy addition of a room divider made up of painted, installed-close-together vertical 2 x 4′s. Such  a clever idea because it’s probably hella cheap to do, but it becomes incredibly dynamic in the space, both becoming a functional way to divide a large room but also becoming an architectural feature.

What also becomes dynamic in the space is the shadows that bubble up from this simple vertical wood addition. So cool and even jarring.

As you can see, this simple idea really jazzes up an otherwise perfectly enjoyable  but maybe not spectacular space (but all becomes spectacular, because of the element). More photos spotted on the Webber + Studio Architects Facebook page.

Images: Whit Preston

5 Comments to "Schlaudhaus Interior is Schadenfreude"

  1. “Schlaudhaus Interior is Schadenfreude”. O.k., yes, a German loanwoard to go with the German name of the project could make for a catchy heading. Unfortunatly, it does not make any sense; at least I hope it does not. Because Schadenfreude means “enjoyment obtained from the troubles of others” (Merriam-Webster).

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