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Live Modern: La Pallissa

Categories: Architecture + Interiors

Ready to learn something today?! A Masia is “a type of rural construction common to the Iberian Peninsula, particularly during the ancient Kingdom of Aragon which have their origins in the Roman villas. They are often large but isolated structures, nearly always associated with a family farming or livestock operation (from Wikipedia)” This is a renovation of a masia in Catalonia, Spain by Cubus, Taller d’Arquitectura that is modern, earthy, simple, textural and gorgeous!

“The project was based in the rehabilitation and improvement of the northern part of an old masia from the XVI th century and the hayloft annex, located in the Baix Empordà (Catalonia). Due to the partition in different parts of the masia between the family members, the proposal was based on adapting the corresponding north area to create three new apartments designed for use in summer, mainly.”

What do you think of this earthy and modern architectural specimen?

Images: Architizer

5 Comments to "Live Modern: La Pallissa"

  1. Good interior in less space room and kitchen is also unique

  2. Love the design, so modern and very unique.

  3. Unbelievable, every corner of the house is laden with unrealistic stuff which is so cool. Love this unique design & creativity. Best of luck man. Thanks for sharing this.

  4. This house is stunning! It is very inspirational! Thank you very much for sharing, great post!

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