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Besides the slightly politically incorrect name, this house in Kuldiga, Latvia by NRJA Architecture is a pretty stunning structure, and really drives home that whole “be connected to the landscape” sort of philosophy that plenty of designers try to do. Set on a hill, it’s got a stately sort of feel to it, and the materials and colors are quite beautiful.

“8 BLACKS is a modern approach for traditional living complex in Kurzeme adopting the archetypal cross-section as a common element for all buildings. Union of traditional and modern in the image of the house entail sense of inheritance and belonging at the same time providing the necessary comfort for active living.”

8 BLACKS consists of:
1. A group of buildings for daily living, located around the paved courtyard and creating center of gravity for the complex.
2. Guest house and Sauna house located at a distance.
3. Cellar sat within relief and ancillary buildings.
4. Football and Volleyball field.

What do you think about this house and all it’s fancy bonus add on spaces like a vollyball field and guest house and sauna?

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