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What did Ireland’s best house of 2011 look like? Well according to the 2011 Irish Architecture Awards, it was this one, the Seaside House. A stunning mix of straight lines, angles and materials, you can see in an instant it’s not just that this home is beautiful and that’s why it won the award; this home is a winner because of its ability to elicit such a strong emotional response from a viewer.

What do we mean by that? Well, it’s hard to articulate, even for a writer. And of course, only viewing photos of this home and not seeing it in person will certainly take away from the visceral reaction that a user to the space might experience. But you can tell even from flat, 2D representations of this home that the way the floor plan was laid out, how views were rearranged, how colors were combined, all lead to a home that we must say is full with emotion.

A2 Architects won ‘Best House’ at the RIAI Irish Architecture Awards 2011 for Seaside House, Co. Louth. Citing the awarding jury, “externally the house responds to the informal nature of its seaside location in its relaxed choice of materials and a witty nod to its caravan-neighbours in its choice of bay-size. This is counterpointed by the calm grandeur of its interior spaces, capturing poetic sea-views informed by rhythmic control of structure and satisfying detailing.”

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