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LEDoorHandle. A flashlight and a door handle!

Categories: Modern Decor + Objects

You know what’s modern? When innovation, technology and aesthetics all roll into one “how did they think of that?” and “why hasn’t anyone thought of that before?” design: the LEDoorHandle by Kun-hee Kim, Kei Shimizu and Nguyen-vu Dang. The idea is simple: door handles will have a small light that acts a way-finding device in the dark and also as a nightlight BUT if there’s ever a power outage or natural disaster, also become a removable flash light. BRILLIANT. Make sure you check out all the graphics on how it works; we love the idea they have about how it’s powered and more.

5 Comments to "LEDoorHandle. A flashlight and a door handle!"

  1. What if there’s a power outage and you’re the second person to the door?


  2. The illuminated handle sounds fine, but the removable flashlight feature is a terrible idea. How are you supposed to open the door with the handle removed? Could create a hazardous situation in cases of fire, etc. In fact I wonder if it violates building codes.

    A few years ago an elderly friend of mine was locked in her home’s bathroom for hours when the latch jammed; thank God a neighbor eventually heard her calling for help.

    It might be a clever design, but would be safer to just have a separate flashlight.

  3. I can just imagine two little boys sharing a bedroom. They get tucked in and read a bedtime story, and then when mom leaves the room they detach the “flashlight” to play with and irritate one another.

    It’s a nice idea, but I agree with James – the handle shouldn’t be removeable. It is actually quite a good doorhandle to help sight-impaired people identify if a door is open or closed at night.

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