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Kooldog: modern houses for modern dogs?

Categories: Modern Decor + Objects

And now for your Monday funday modern adorable animal post; who doesn’t love cute dogs posed uncomfortably in modern and sort of extraneous furniture pieces made just for them? All kidding aside, some people really dig having doggie accessories that gel with their hip modern sensibilities, and those folks might find a kindred spirit with the products of Canada-based Kooldog.

“Our patent pending design of Kooldog House is fashionable and suitable for your home décor and it comes with a comfortable bed for your pet. The ingenious design allows you to choose different color schemes by selecting different wood finishes for face cover and/or by selecting different colors for the slip cover of the cushion. Our bed comes with a machine washable slip cover made of Microfiber Suede Fabric that has the look and feel of genuine suede, with the ease and durability of microfiber. It’s easy to clean and maintain.”

What do you think about these modern dog houses? Just what you’ve been looking for? Too stylish or pricey for your pup? 

6 Comments to "Kooldog: modern houses for modern dogs?"

  1. Is it wrong to really love these! We’re a pooched up business with two beagles in the studio…This year’s Christmas present perhaps!

  2. I wouldn’t buy this because it’s a blatant rip-off of that litter box (Modko.com). This actually looks like they tipped the litter box over and the logo and website are very similar. I’m a designer and I hate to see this. Everybody gets inspiration from others, but to just rip someone off, especially when they are in the same industry!!! It’s shameless.

    • I thought that it looked pretty familiar. And see and understand your point. I’m going to give them the benefit of the doubt and hope any similarities are coincidental. Let’s hope so, anyway!

    • Well, I think this a very hip and modern dog house…very Kool…I’m a designer as well, and I think that Modko probably rip- off design of Apple products in including their logo? If you look around these days…everything very much looks like a square with rounded corners? Look at iphone, App buttons, twitter buttons…there are so many! Besides, Modko’s site looks just like Apple’s website to me..I would defiantly buy this beautiful dog house for my pet! Love it!

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