Heinz Maier Water Droplet Photography

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Heinz Maier - Black Mirror

Heinz Maier has only been photographing since 2010.  His main interest is in macro photography, where close-up photography captures the subject in greater than life size.   His main subject matter are water drops (featured here) and insects.   Maier captures in beautiful teals, marigolds, vibrant pinks, shades of red in a ballet of liquid’s movement as gravity takes over.  Up close and reflective on mirrored surfaces these dances almost look like glass blown sculptures.



Each photograph a one of a kind experiment and experience.  “I’m fascinated by everything in the photography I would really like to try everything at once but one after another.”  says Maier.   You can see more of Heinz Maier’s, also known as Cymaii’s, work here.

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