4 last minute, awesomely modern V-Day ideas

DIY + How To

Love your hunny but just didn’t have time to make or get anything for them in time for Valentine’s Day, but don’t want to see disappointment on their face later tonight (more than usual, we mean)? Or love yourself but forgot it was Valentine’s Day until just this moment? Whatever your predicament, we’ve been collecting modern V-day ideas on our Pinterest board “Valentine’s stuff I don’t hate.” We noticed four things that we liked that you could totally do in probably under an hour or less and still make your valentine feel loved, cherished and modern:

P.S. Will you be 2Modern’s valentine? We love you to modern bits. Truly. We’ve been having the best year over here at the blog and over at the site and we want you to know we absolutely love you back. 

Images: That awesome centerpiece is from Kirsten at Simply Grove
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