We Like What They Do: Caroline Gomez

Modern Decor

In our efforts to WILL spring to us, we are focusing on posting about designers whose work is so lovely we know spring will come rushing back to us as soon as they see what we publish. Example: darling French designer Caroline Gomez. Stationed in Bordeaux, France, Caroline’s work is just so fresh and light and lovely. It’s also simple, stunning and modern.

We spy everything from large scale consoles and side tables made out of smooth, blond wood that feature sensuous curves, to smaller wood pieces like cheese and cutting boards in interesting, almost landscape-like shapes. We spy ceramic containers for all manner of living and inanimate objects. Overall we see objects for the home that straddle delicately the line between “grown-up” and “kid” things; in other words, these are fun, not-so-serious-but-seriously-wonderful designs for anyone of any age. More.

What’s your favorite thing this designer makes? Is this your style or a little too playful for your tastes? Let us know in the comments below!

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