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The Bike Valet by Reclamation Art + Furniture

Categories: Modern Decor + Objects

Like this. From the email we got from designer Steven Tiller: “Earlier this last year we launched our business; a boutique maker of home accessories. My name is Steven Tiller, I am an artisan furniture maker and product designer from Northern California. We are currently focusing on the trend in indoor bicycle storage. Just two days ago we launched our first Kickstarter project for ‘The Bike Valet – Art, Meet Function‘ sleek, modern, original, indoor bike and gear storage.

The Bike Valet by Reclamation Art + Furniture is the brain child of Steven Tiller, Stephanie Birch and baby Bennett. We are a young family and small boutique maker of hand-made goods for your home. We started the company in April of 2011, just eight weeks before Bennett was born.

I have been developing The Bike Valet through a series of prototypes for the last few months, and diligently working on our Kickstarter video for several weeks (around our regular work load and new schedule). We were nearly finished and then the unthinkable happened, we took a hit, a big one. The recent robbery that has relieved us of the majority our tooling (the ones we use to make our living) does anger me, but it does something else as well. It gives us greater incentive not to fail, not only for this project but for our others.”


3 Comments to "The Bike Valet by Reclamation Art + Furniture"

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  2. dear sir,

    what is the price for this cycle


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