Live Modern: Casa Cher by BAK Arquitectos

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Talk about your fall and winter color palettes. Geez this home is stunning. That mixture of a dark, charcoal gray with that warm, honey-red wood is making us almost pass out. And surrounded so closely by those tall and narrow pine trees makes this just such an amazing example of how modern architecture can really work with nature. It’s clear this home would look beautiful anywhere it was located, but it just really seems to vibrate with beauty being nestled into this grove of trees.

Located in Mar Azul, Argentina and designed by BAK Arquitectos, there’s a whole ton of information about this home by the designers where we spotted it (on Architizer) but unfortunately our Spanish is a bit rusty. We don’t really need words to tell us how amazing this home is, though. Man, couldn’t you just see yourself enjoying a nice meal with a warm fire and that gorgeous grove of a trees standing guard outside?

Images: Archizer
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  1. Urs Villiger

    Dec 9, 2011 at 5:50 pm

    You may like the style or not, but this is the ultimate simplicity as far as I can tell. Everything is reduced to the bare minimum. Use of very few materials, extremely clear and straight lines, the use of lighting almost invisible.

    Not a house for me to live, but an amazing architectural study!

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