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We’re so excited to be participating in this fun Holiday Decor Moodboard Challenge with the folks at Olioboard and some awesome fellow bloggers. Olioboard lets users create interior design moodboards easily (and fun), showcasing a huge selection of images/products–even with the option to add your own images from your favorite shopping sites. I was honored to be asked and hope you get a kick out of my board. My theme: a Bold, Vibrant Modern Christmas!

My inspiration was pretty simple. I was going for a sort of retro, 70s-inspired, modern, slick-yet-cozy feel, so I included a few dark, deep colors like black and brown to ground the composition. Next, I start going crazy with a bright apple green and a rich, crimson red. I made sure to throw in a few other colors so things wouldn’t get too red/green and I also included some warm, wood tones to bring a natural feel to the space, too. I love those sometimes-tacky, always-wonderful, all-white Christmas trees, and then instead of hanging stockings from a fireplace, I chose a hip, red, metal coat rack!

What’s that? YOU want a cool, hip, kind of kitschy, super modern and retro holiday retreat in your own home? Why, just visit Olioboard and click on my board where you can find a colorful visual list of everything I used in my board! Or better yet, make your own!

Be sure to check out yesterday’s awesome moodboard from Julie of Belle Maison & Modern Chic Home and stay tuned tomorrow for a great board from Sheilah from the blog at Olioboard!

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  1. Sheilah MacSporran

    Dec 9, 2011 at 9:08 am

    Hey Adrienne, Great design! Love the bold bright colours and fun pattern combo. Also, nice touch with ditching the fireplace (as most people don’t have one) and offering up a great solution for hanging those stockings. Thanks so much for joining the Olioboard blog hop. I hope you had fun creating your board. It would be great to do more of these in the future. :)

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