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If you had to pick one color to represent fall, what would it be? For us, it’s orange. A deep, earthy, smokey-hued orange akin to pumpkins, falling leaves and, well, all the fall decor and memoriabilla that starts popping up around this time. Of course, there are lots of ways to add orange to your home or office, but not quite as dramatically as how this building built it right in. The Why Factory Tribune in Delft, Netherlands by MVRDV:

“The structure distinguishes itself by its bright orange colour which clearly identifies The Why Factory as an independent research centre within the Faculty of Architecture, Delft University of Technology. Furniture designer Richard Hutten designed flexible furniture to allow the space around the tribune to switch function between research hall, lecture hall and exhibition space.”

Images: Architizer
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  1. Ari Z

    Nov 17, 2011 at 12:21 pm

    That’s probably a little more orange than most people would like to see in their homes, but seeing that the Netherlands soccer teams wears orange it’s probably just enough for them! Little accents of orange can really bring that fall feeling into a room.

    • Adrienne Breaux

      Nov 17, 2011 at 2:05 pm

      It’s a lot of orange! It’s true. But I kind of love it. I really do.

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