Fast & Easy DIY: Old Fan Globe Bird Feeders

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Man, those gross, weird light globes you find on bad ceiling fans in older homes sure have been long-lasting, haven’t they? You still see those suckers adorning ceilings, much to the chagrin of modern design lovers. Well, if you happen to have a secret stash of these hidden away in a closet some where from when one day you just couldn’t take it anymore and you took them all down, you just might be in luck today.

Do we have a project for you. And it’s our favorite kind of DIY project: fast and easy! Doable in an hour! Not something that you will start and leave unfinished and frustrated! Step 1: Find old fan light globes and clean them out. Step 2: Find some string or rope and tie them around the globes. Step 3: Tie the string to some branches in a tree, preferably where you can see them from your house. Step 4: Fill with tasty bird see and watch yourself become the most popular bird feeder owner in the world.

Done. You gonna try it? 

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