Fast, Cheap Art DIY: Paper Gems

DIY + How To

Look, the love of geometric, faceted and boldly colored items just isn’t going away any time soon, so indulge yourself in the awesomeness that is this DIY project of making paper gems with all of those characteristics. Seriously! If you’ve got guests coming over in the next couple of days but still feel like there’s something missing from a room, shelf or even your tabletop decor, this could be it!

These will take some paper, some glue, string (if you decide to string up your gems) and a little patience, but the payout will be pretty huge; we love these things. And you can find the free templates right here! As spotted on the pretty awesome website MiniEco. Though we love using hip, bold colors, this would be fun in holiday themed colors or really any colors! Even all white! Or black! Do it!

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