Cheap Art DIY: Thrift Store Painting Redo

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I can get annoyed when DIY projects tell you to grab an old canvas and then just make some art on top of it. Because, you know, if I could make art I’d just do it; I wouldn’t really need a DIY project. But here’s a project with some art I actually can make! Spotted on Craftzine, it starts with something simple enough: grab a cheap thrift store painting.

What’s next is easy. Grab some stick on letters and spell out a phrase or word. Paint over the entire canvas with a color, either thick and strong or scarce and faint. Peel away the stickers when the paint is dry and you get the phrase written out of the awesomeness of the old painting. Super, right? Could this even be something that could be used for a modern holiday idea? Like what if you found old paintings that were mostly green or mostly red, and then you taped out like “happy” or “holidays” or whatever? Just an idea! More here.

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