Buckminster Fuller Dome: Saved!

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From Architizer:

“Russell Township, Ohio may not sound like much of an architectural destination. But this semi-rural town 25 miles east of Cleveland is actually home to architect and futurist Buckminster Fuller’s largest geodesic dome. The vast dome, allegedly one of Bucky’s favorites, was built in 1959 to surmount a low, crescent-shaped modernist office pavilion designed by architect John Terence Kelly. The hexagonal steel latticework also hovers weightlessly over a lush, circular garden in the center.

As Metropolis Magazine reports, this strikingly futuristic headquarters for the materials research clearinghouse ASM International rocked Ohio for generations, landing along Route 87 like “a cross between a spaceship and an exhibition pavilion that could have been airlifted from a world’s fair.” But the complex makes headlines today as a victory for the historic preservation of mid-century modern buildings.” 

Images: Scott Pease via Architizer
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  1. Katrina Howard Fairley

    Nov 15, 2011 at 12:08 pm

    The ASM Dome was never endangered! The ASM headquarter’s were remodeled. Buckminster Fuller did not design this dome!


    TC Howard of Synergetics, Inc. designed the ASM geodesic Dome in 1958.

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