We Like What They Do: Jason Lewis Furniture

Modern Decor

You know, no matter how much technology advances and we humans learn to use it to make cool, partially computer-generated furnishings, we’re still going to always appreciate the wonderful handcraftedness of furniture made by a talented human’s hands. A talented human like Jason Lewis. While not the craziest designs we’ve ever seen, there’s a nice comfort to his creations that we’re really enjoying a lot.

Though his chairs, tables, storage units and more seem to offer plenty of Mid-Century Modern-inspired straight lines, there don’t seem to be any harsh corners anywhere. He seems to favor a soft, subtle curve to a 90 degree angle, and we certainly can’t complain. It looks like he enjoys using a number of wood species to create his designs, and you really sense his respect for the material. Looks like you can order furniture from his website, and looks like he offers furniture through CB2.com, too. Based in Chicago, Illinois. More here. Find him on Facebook, as well.

Images: Jason Lewis Furniture website
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