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5 Second DIY: Put Some White On It

Categories: DIY + How To

Okay maybe it’s more than five seconds, but this DIY idea isn’t much longer than that. Much like the often quoted “Put a bird on it” fad that was made so popular last year, we have another phrase we’d like to make known: “Put some white on it.” The premise is simple. You spend a little time finding a bunch of knick knacks that have interesting shapes. You spray painted them all white. Voila! You have a modern, crisp, stark collection of items to display along a mantle, a shelf or on a table top.

This can be an incredibly easy way to add some texture, interest and you know, stuff, to an empty modern room. And seriously cheap. And seriously fast. You could even start collecting items that have a theme in a box for awhile…maybe it’s owl sculptures. Maybe it’s creepy kid figurines. Anything, really, could work for this. Then grab some spray paint — we suggest glossy white, but really, you could even go a bright, pop-y color if that feels more right — and then take it outside, lay some cardboard down, spray the heck out of these pieces, let ’em dry and you’re done. Fasted DIY project ever!

You ever spray paint something all one color to “modernize” it? Was it successful? Tell us what you’re going to go paint white. We want to know!

Images: Pinterest

16 Comments to "5 Second DIY: Put Some White On It"

  1. I really like this craft project. It’s so simple… but sooo effective at transforming a tosser into a keeper!

  2. How could you do that to a beautiful owl, it looks lovely coloured like that. Painting it white is not my cup of tea at all. To each his own.

  3. I had a “fisher price roly-poly chime ball” that had millions of small scratches on it. I still liked the sound it made, so about ten years ago I painted it matte silver. It takes a real close eye to see the brand imprint, and it makes a great doorstop.

  4. I did something similar to an elephant, but used the paint that looks like stone when dry. Turned out great, much better then the color the elephant was prior.

  5. I tried this with some ceramic bunnies and the spray paint stuck differently to different areas… Next time I am going to use a spray paint primer so I get even paint coverage and less drips!

  6. I bought some lovely birds from a dollar store. Painted them with Annie Sloan blue chalk paint and dry brushed them with white. Turned out pretty good. The owl has much more textural interest now.

  7. I literally bought this same owl at Goodwill, spray painted it & wrote a post on it. When this showed up in my Pinterest feed I had to stop over and tell ya. Great minds think alike!!

  8. I found this post via Pinterest and was really inspired! I even tried this myself on my blog, come check it out! http://www.ourthriftednest.com/2013/06/put-some-white-on-it.html

  9. I just did this with a couple things from Goodwill. It worked spectacularly!!! I am so glad someone pinned

  10. I have to say, I love what you did with the owl, it has inspired me to do the same with some nick hacks of my own…….it gives new life to an object that might not have fit with the decor before…….thank you :)

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  12. I smiled when I saw this…I bought the SAME EXACT owl from Goodwill a couple weeks ago….and PAINTED IT WHITE too! :-)

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  14. I’ve been doing this forever. It makes everything look good.

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