We Like What They Do: Studio Ju-Ju

Modern Decor

You know our style…we love finding examples of designs that we find truly modern–and trying to explain why we think they’re modern. The words flow easily for the amazing design collective Studio Ju-Ju. From accessories to furniture, they’re approaching each new design challenge with a fresh aesthetic and a commitment to how humans will actually be using the products. Though the look of these pieces are stunningly modern, you can tell it’s the function that they consider first. How will this fit the body comfortably of a person? How will someone be able to use this effectively and efficiently? To all these questions, Studio Ju-Ju just seems to come up with the right answer. We love their Drum Series, a bunch of boxes that can store all kinds of small to medium objects and stack, with a fun modern pop of color. Their Platypus Chair is bubbly and cheerful, and has reasons to why each of its design elements exists. We love the paper-thin, light color to much of their work, with the soft, almost-pastel color palette of accent colors. So fun, so fresh, so modern! More here.

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