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Modern is…recognizing that folks love their pets as much as they love people, and that if you have a modern-looking home you’re not going to want to muck things up with a gross/unattractive pet bed. In that same vein, you aren’t exactly looking for something that’s going to stick out with crazy pet architecture; that doesn’t scream “I’m a dog bed! Look at me! Dog! Bed!” You’re going to want something that looks good in of itself. There’s room for a happy medium: the products of See Scout Sleep.

See Scout Sleep donates 10% of all proceeds to the Gulf Coast Fund to help the coastline. They design, print, sew, and stuff their beds all in Louisiana. SSS beds are made from materials that are sustainable and provide joint and muscle relief, great air circulation and are hypoallergenic. The outer covers are 100% naturally dyed hemp. Illustrations and patterns by Katie Logan, a New Orleans-based designer with a passion for interior design, Louisiana, and her pets, are then screen printed locally using water based dyes. The two inner beds are constructed from 100% unbleached cotton muslin. One bed is filled with buckwheat hulls. The other is stuffed with Kapok. And man they’re cute.

See more on their Facebook page and their website.

What do you think about these cute, graphic and eco-friendly dog beds?! Let us know.

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