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DIY: Outdoor Modern Pallet Lounge Chairs

Categories: DIY + How To

We’ve spotted this project in a few places in the past few days, but it bears reposting because it involves four of our favorite things: the DIY spirit, a bright color, reusing materials and something you can be lazy in when the project’s done! We just don’t think we’ll ever be tired of all the fun DIY projects that involvie old shipping pallets, and this is a fun, fresh take on what to do with them.

We spotted it first on Curbly, but it’s Titti from The Shoestring Pavilion that’s the mastermind behind this project. There are lots of instructions and lots of photos and lots of inspiration on the original post here. It looks to be a bit of work to make this happen, but that price tag sure fits our budget nicely!

Images: Titti of The Shoestring Pavilion

2 Comments to "DIY: Outdoor Modern Pallet Lounge Chairs"

  1. This proves that recycling knows no limits! Nice idea!!

  2. Love these. Made 2 similar to these for my own garden last summer. Cool stuff.

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