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Sphere In The Trees

Categories: Architecture + Interiors, Local + Travel

Having fantasies of living life like Tarzan and Jane or for us oldies, the Swiss Family Robinson?  Here is another option to roughing it in the wilderness.  Free Spirit Spheres Inc. is building wooden and fiberglass sphere hotel rooms suspended from the trees.  You have to go to Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada to stay in them.  But the trip looks worth it to me.  Situated on private land near Qualicum Bay on five beautiful acres the area has a large central pond which attracts birds and other wildlife.
Designed with wooden boat detailing and indeed use yacht making principals to create the curved surfaces and trims.  Porthole windows and cathedral ceilings glimpse into nature giving views of the tree tops swaying in the breeze.  Equiped with electricity and available in the winter as well as the summer.   Suspension brides and stairways give easy access to your own private escape.
The motion in a sphere is a slow gentle rocking when the wind blows. The rope tethers are almost vertical which lets the treetops move considerably while hardly moving the sphere at all.  Built for single or double.  One of them does accommodate three which to me would be a crowd.

Innovative and creative for a unique getaway experience.  And if you really want one they will build one for you.  Imagine the airline luggage charge on that.

Visit Free Spirit Spheres for more info

Have an infinitely modern day!

One Comment to "Sphere In The Trees"

  1. This is AMAZING!!! Im really impressed with the interiors

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