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Hmm…modern rustic style tucked amongst storybook-gorgeous trees and over-looking stunning landscape? Yeah, I mean if we have to subject our eyes to some architecture imagery, we guess the House Ocho project by Feldman Architecture Firm wouldn’t be that terrible. Good golly miss molly this is a beautiful house, inside, outside and around.

From the Feldman Architecture website: “Located in a nature preserve in the Santa Lucia Mountains, the site of oak forests and steep meadows strongly impacted and inspired Feldman Architecture’s design for House Ocho. In order to reduce the impact of the home’s massing and to preserve site lines, the building settles into the ground and overhanging roofs are planted with tall native grasses. The house is also divided up into a series of pavilions to lessen its overall mass.”

“After passing through an entry grove, visitors can see distant views between and over the various building elements. As they are drawn into the widening view, they are led down from the tree-lined ridge to a large terrace that serves as an outdoor living room for the house. Nearly every room has wide doors that open to the land allowing the modest home to feel much more spacious.”

More gorgeous photos of the House Ocho here.

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Images: Paul Dyer, Claudio Santini, Kodiak Greenwood, and Roland Bishop
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