How-to: Scandinavian-Inspired Coat Stand

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There’s this one corner in our living room that has just been begging for a coat stand. Something tall and narrow that would add some interest to an otherwise empty corner, and that would add a little more functionality to the space, as well. Many factors would have to align for the perfect coat stand to be declared found–aesthetics, sure, but also: price. Luckily we’ve come across a DIY coat stand project that looks doable and gorgeous!

Curbly you’re really where it’s at sometimes. You always find the best how-to and DIY projects, and this one is no different. Based on the enviable aesthetic style of that much-sought after region of Scandinavia, this coat rack is simple with great lines, a soft, natural color and a style that is instantly rustic and modern.

The trick of course will be finding the wood poles to begin with. Find the right trio of these and your project can’t go wrong. The rest of the very easy-to-tackle steps are on Curbly’s original post, as are some more lovely photos. And remember, just because winter is nearly over and coats won’t need much hanging any more doesn’t mean you don’t need a coat stand–use these puppies for purses, laptop bags, briefcases, shoes, dog leashes and more!

Images: Annaleena Karlsson
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  1. coat stand

    Sep 24, 2011 at 8:06 am

    It is really a cool coat stand,lol,thank your for sharing:)

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