Featured Artist: Tugboat Printshop

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Man we’re digging the sweet woodcut prints from the art collective Tugboat Printshop. Detailed, colorful, American and fantastical, we kind of wish we had a wall in our home full of these fun prints. Husband and wife team Paul Roden and Valerie Lueth are amazing artists individually, but when they combine their efforts, they make collaborative wonderment.

With names like “Bonfire,” “Deep Blue Sea,” “America the Beautiful” and more, it should probably be a requirement that every citizen of this fair country own one of these sweet art pieces. We just how the styles vary from traditional, to illustrative to abstract, with some pieces that are packed to the edges with color and graphics, and other pieces showing a more sophisticated understanding of composition and negative space.

We just love how dream-like and fantasy-inducing every piece is. You can’t just glance at one of these pieces; you have to get in there and really soak up every clever and witty detail. And, we hope we don’t insult those sweet Tugboat peeps by saying this, but man these art pieces are affordable! Snatch some up here.

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