How-to: Experiment With New Materials

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Okay so this isn’t really a how-to guide so much as an awesome resource we found, but we’re so enamored with it we just wanted to share. And considering all the how-to and DIY projects this resource could inspire, really this How-to post is like a limitless pool of awesome. Just follow us after the link, would you?

So there’s this site called Inventables and their tagline is “Exploring what’s possible.” Their premise is simple: they think it’s too hard for designers, architects and other creative minds to find, source and explore materials, and they’re aiming to change that. This means two good things for homeowners and modern design lovers: you have access to wildly awesome materials you may have never thought possible for any of your personal DIY projects, and it means that super creative designers have access to materials to create their brilliant designs (which you can then purchase, if you so wish).

We’ll be honest, we’re not experts on materials or pricing of materials, so we can’t really tell you if any of this stuff is reasonable or not (it seems to us, though, to be wickedly reasonable). On the front page alone you can choose from such materials to play with as: shape memory polymer, stainless steel coating, translucent wood, pressure absorbing gel and more. If you’ve ever wanted your creativity sparked, this is the place to do it! Check out the site here.

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