Featured Design Element: Hexagon Floor Tiles

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Tiles, especially floor tiles, come in all sorts of materials, shapes and colors, but there’s one shape that gets our heart racing every time we look at it. That’s a hexagon floor tile. Simultaneously modern and yet, with a touch of history, of all the shapes a tile can be found in, we’d pick this one for our own bathroom.

Very popular around the turn of the century and the 1920s and 1930s, hexagon floor tiles are fun because they are a bit sweet and a bit sassy. At first glance you might think they’re an innocent round shape, but then you see those edges and know you are dealing with something with a little more attitude. We really like when they are in basic colors like white or black, but definitely enjoy them in more modern color palettes. The hardest choice to make when thinking about incorporating hexagon floor tiles in your home? How big to make those tiles. The small tiles create a frenzied and energetic pace to a room, while large tiles can seem more relaxing. It all depends on what look and feel you’re going for.

We’ve rounded up some fun links on where to purchase hexagon floor tiles for any home renovation projects you might be cooking up yourself. The good news is that most all tile manufacturers have made note of this trend and added hexagon tiles to their catalog. Here are just a few we like:

Subway Tile
Ann Sacks
The Tile Shop
American Universal Corporation

Top image: Canty Shanty
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