How to: Create Extra Seating in Your Home

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It’s happened to everyone every now and then: you invite a few people over for drinks, a few become a lot, and then a lot becomes people having to sit awkwardly on laps, balance precariously on the edges of furniture and lean uncomfortably against the wall. Never be caught without enough guest seating again with our fool-proof list of four ways in which you can always ensure you have enough extra guest seating on hand (without having to dedicate an entire closet to stackable chairs).

Bring in from the outdoors Do you have an outdoor space? I hope it’s filled with chairs, because if it’s not, you are missing a golden opportunity to utilize functional extra seating storage space. Opt for seating that is streamlined, comfortable but portable, and something that won’t take up too much space or be lounge-y. That way as soon as too many people start filtering into your home you can just pull in extra chairs from your outdoor space.

Chairs as vignettes Collecting unique dining and side chairs and placing them in rooms along walls doesn’t mean you have to look like you have a ton of extra chairs lying around. Place a small side table in between two for a cute little conversation area, or use extra chairs for storage of books and other accessories—making them functional even when you don’t have guests.

Ottoman are for sitters They’re also for bringing in color and comfort, and you can even make one yourself!

Floor pillows These things are great. You can stack them in a corner when not in use, slide them behind couches, stuff them in closets—they fit anywhere and are great for pulling out for impromptu board game nights around the coffee table. We’ve always loved this how-to post on Apartment Therapy for making your own.

Images: Apartment Therapy; Design Sponge and Flickr member tiloe, licensed for use under Creative Commons license Attribution 2.0 Generic.

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  1. Teena

    Nov 6, 2010 at 1:05 am

    This happens to me and floor pillows do really help.

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