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Blue Monday: Blue Christmas

Categories: Modern Decor + Objects

You might be doing alright with your Christmas decorations of white, red and green, but much like Elvis, we’ll be having a blue, blue Christmas this year, helped in no small part by all the wonderful blue Christmas decorations we’ve been spotting.

Before you dismiss blue as not being a color to help along the holiday spirit, we implore you to check out the blue Christmas decor items we’ve gathered for this post.

Vintage Set of Blue Glass Christmas Ornaments $5
Eco-Friendly Cream Pine Trees Christmas Stocking $16
Eco Felt Christmas Stocking with Ornament $12
Three Origami Ornaments $20
4 Foot Sky Blue Christmas Tree $120
Vintage Aqua Snowflake Pyrex Dish $12.50
Vintage Blue Bird Christmas Light Bulb $4

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