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I'll use any excuse to make an obscure Get Smart reference, but this time I barely even have to work for it! Some very smart agents designers have conceptualised* the Cones of Silence for the 21st century, the Veasyble!


Based around the notions of
isolation, intimacy and ornament, the origami-esque accessories are not
only beautiful objects, but an interesting slice of social commentary
to boot.
Created from polyethylene, paper and fabric, the various scales cater for different forms of privacy and intimacy.


Designed by Gloria Pizzilli, Arianna Petrakis, Ilaria Pacini and Adele Bacci, there are four seperate accessories that aim to give a little bit of peace in world overrun by KAOS…err, I mean, chaos.


In the words of the designers:

A strong, dominant exterior that conceals a fragile, personal interior.

An ornament that can be worn.
A gesture to transform it.
A secret place for personal intimacy.
A reminder of our exterior aspect. 

Or in my words, a sexy slinky/accordion/hoodie lovechild that would have Agent 86 whipping out his shoephone and ordering the lot!

* Conceptual = Not necessarily meant for the 'real world'** or production lines (which is why conceptual designs are often so interesting and engaging.)

** But hey, what do I know? This could totally take off, and next thing you know we'll be seeing Veasyble derivatives strutting down the catwalks of the world!

[via Fubiz]

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